DBA objective & goals

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The DBA pilot’s main objective is to lower barriers (paper-based processes, language challenges etc) for companies starting a business or doing business cross-border.

Actor ID Goal
Public authorities A Improve the quality of Company data within the service fulfilment process by re-using data from authentic sources, thereby reducing manual work and lowering processing costs.
Companies B Reduce manual work, lower transaction costs and improving enrolment speed for the company when using the Once Only Principle
Project C Evaluate the OOP-components supporting the cross-border information flow:

-         Assess (technical) impact on national services/registers already in place

-         Evaluate connections of national systems to the OOP TS

D Evaluate whether the solutions designed to the DBA specific challenges have proven adequate in piloting the DBA eProcedures:

-         Usability of harmonised Company Evidence model

-         Degree to which powers must be validated

-         Scalability of solution for powers validation

-         Usability and security of Explicit Request and Preview

-         Need for record matching on Natural Persons

-         Adequacy of patterns to keep data up-to-date