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DE4A includes three cross-border and cross-domain Pilots - Studying Abroad Pilot, Doing Business Abroad Pilot, and Moving Abroad Pilot -, comprising different functional use cases focused on different high-impact and viable administrative procedures, and aimed to realise tangible benefits in fully operational environments to real users (citizens, students, business persons and public servants). The Pilots are delivered by a separate, agile, multi-disciplinary, inter-member state teams of experts. The focus of these teams is on iterative system integration and configuration, hence on making existing building blocks and solutions work together in real life cases.

Mission and Goals of the pilots

The three Pilots are based on SDGR Life Events for students, companies & citizens and they will be executed and validated in two separate iterations.

The key goal is to evidence of Once-Only Principle (OOP) benefits in real-life scenarios, meaning piloting with real users and with real exchange of evidence, in a called "operational" environment. The target is to try-out solutions to OOP barriers and assist EU Public Administrations to be ready for the SDG. This integration of DE4A in national OOP layers and/or Data Consumers and Data Providers portals will provide insight to Member States on implementing challenges and potential solutions needed for the final adoption.

Added Value for DE4A ecosystem

  • In-depth understanding of chosen ‘Life Events’ by detailed Use Case analysis in MS
  • Pilot important concepts relevant for SDG context and beyond
  • Evidence of enablers of trust of SDG users in public authorities. Evaluate in realistic conditions different trust models incl. more decentralised ones (SSI, VC).
  • Apply in real-life contexts results from major public sector initiatives: Public Document Regulation, EBSI-ESSIF
  • Measurable impacts using S.M.A.R.T. metrics substantiate how well each pilot meets established success criteria and aligns with DE4A principles
  • A workable design for current and future Once-Only data sharing implementations

Pilots calendar

The two planned iterations are scheduled on February and September 2022, following the next calendar:











Pilot preparation Pilot execution

(1st iteration)

2nd iteration


Pilot execution

(2nd iteration)



Customisation &



(1st iteration)

During the pilot preparation phases, all the necessary activities will be taken to ensure the smooth execution of the pilots. Following an internal agile approach and in coordination with WP2-WP3-WP5 outcomes, common building blocks and components will be integrated and tested (integration and system testing) prior to the first go live of the pilot.

Pilot Go Live and First Running Phase (M26-M28) All activities will be carried out, generating results and KPIs for evaluation according to plans, seeking maximum impact at the level of each pilot. Results and feedback gathering from all stakeholders (including end-users), support to pilot users and monitoring of pilot running services will be the focus of the task. First use cases pilots ready are to go live by M26 provided that the different testing phases (of common infrastructure interoperability components and of the connected pilot services) are successful and the necessary trust conditions are satisfied.

Customization and integration - Second release (M29-M30) New common building blocks, components, updated and new patterns will be integrated and tested (integration and system testing) prior to the launch of the final pilot. Pilot-specific data consumers and providers which are partners of the WP, among others, will implement the activities required to integrate these new components for interoperability across borders.

Pilot Second Running Phase (M33-M39): This activity planned for the final pilot phase will be carried out, with more time (6 months) as more complex solution will be executed, including more functions and new patterns.

Following the evaluation methodology defined in specific task in WP4, during the running phase of the pilots each pilot will run the evaluation phase, providing the report at the end of each iteration (M28 & M34)

Studying Abroad Pilot

SA Countries.jpg

The Studying Abroad (SA) pilot of the DE4A project implements cross-border eProcedures in higher education in Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.

Use cases:


Doing Business Abroad Pilot

DBA Countries.jpg

The Doing Business Abroad (DBA) pilot of the DE4A project, implements eProcedures for starting and doing business cross-border in Austria, The Netherlands, Romania and Sweden. It improves currently available cross-border procedures by implementing the Once-Only Principle (OOP) and Digital-by-default.


Use cases:


Moving Abroad Pilot

MA pilot countries
MA pilot Member States

The Moving Abroad (MA) pilot of the DE4A project implements cross-border eProcedures in the Life events of Moving abroad and Living abroad in Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

Use Case "Request Address Change" (MA UC1)

Use Case "Request an Extract or Copy of a Civil State Certificate" (MA UC2)

Use Case "Request Pension Information - Claim Pension" (MA UC3)


MA D4.9 Use Case Definition and Requirements

MA D4.10 Pilot Planning

MA D4.11 Moving Abroad Initial Running Phase

MA D4.12 Final Report