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This DE4A wiki is created, hosted and maintained by and on behalf of the members of the DE4A consortium (see All contents are provided in good faith by persons supporting this consortium, with the common objective of furthering the progress of the DE4A project.

Anyone with appropriate credentials may choose to add or edit contents of the DE4A wiki. Any contributions to the content remain owned by the respective contributor(s), but by submitting any contents, you explicitly authorise the DE4A consortium to publish and disseminate the contents via the wiki. Furthermore, you authorise the members of the DE4A consortium to use your contents for any purposes (including usage outside of this wiki) that would benefit the execution of the DE4A project. Each contributor should apply reasonable care to verify that their contributions are likely to contribute to the progress of the DE4A project, given the expertise and knowledge of the contributor and the state of the project. In case of doubts on this point, the contributor should take care to communicate any applicable constraints or reservations in the contribution. Each contributor is responsible for ensuring that their individual contributions are lawful, including but not limited to ensuring that contributions do not violate any third party intellectual property rights.

Irrespective of the above, contents are provided purely on an ‘as is’ basis, without any guarantees of accuracy, completeness or usability for any particular purpose. Contents do not necessarily reflect a consensus or a shared position of the DE4A consortium as a whole, nor even of any individual member. Anyone who decides to rely on the contents of the DE4A wiki for any reason or purpose should apply their own diligence, and assumes full and exclusive responsibility and liability for any consequences of their reliance on the contents. No assurances are provided with respect to the contents, neither explicitly nor implied.