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This section provides an overview of the common components and specifications required for the evidence exchanges. A high-level conceptual diagram of the envisaged infrastructure, containing the main software components required for the first iteration of the pilots, is presented in the image below.

DE4A Conceptual Schema

The following table describes the common components in the above diagram, leaving out those components that are developed or deployed directly by each DE4A participant, namely the Data Evaluator, the Data Owner and the eIDAS Nodes.

Component Description
DE4A Connector Technical proxy that allows the final participants to send requests for evidence or responses to other final participants over an eDelivery communication environment
SML The Service Metadata Locator. Reference instance in the DE4A network
SMP Service Metadata Publisher
AS4 Gateway AS4 protocol implementation for the message exchange
Mocked IDK Testing component for the IAL definition
SSI Authority Agent Enterprise-level solution that enables issuing and submitting diplomas in the form of verifiable credentials/presentations to Issuers/Verifiers.
SSI Edge Agent Mobile digital wallet solution that enables users to manage their digital diplomas and interact with the Issuer's/Verifier's portals.

Common specifications

Third party specifications and components

It comprises a list of elements and a description of the third-party libraries and components that have made it possible to build the DE4A components more quickly and allow them to be extended, thus increasing the stability and robustness of the system.

Description of common software interfaces

REST APIs interfaces reference for most of the components involved in the message exchanging.

DE4A Logs and error messages

Definition and reference of error coding and logs handling. Includes standardised log and error messages within the DE4A project to provide a good understanding of the different components regarding their points of failure and the different states in which each system is placed.

Common Components

DE4A Connector

The main component of the DE4A communication infrastructure for processing request and response messages from DP/DCs. The DE4A connector handles the message exchange process and obtains information from different nodes like IDK or SMP for this purpose. It implements the AS4 Gateway functionality, so it can undertake either Requestor or Transferor roles.

DE4A Connector installation and configuration guide

Step by step guide to successful configure an instance of the DE4A Connector. Find in this section all aspects related to the different configuration scenarios and keypoints of the system.

DE4A SSI Authority Agent

The enterprise-level component of the SSI infrastructure for issuing and validating diplomas in the form of Verifiable Credentials.

Installation and configuration guide of the DE4A SSI Authority Agent

Step-by-step guide for a successful configuration of an Authority Agent instance. Find in this section all aspects related to the different configuration scenarios and REST API endpoint information.

DE4A SSI Edge Agent

Testing infrastructure

DE4A Playground

It comprises a set of components and utilities provided for pilots and partners for testing purposes. In addition it can be used to replace some components that might not yet be available or that they need to be tested in a "real" environment.

DE4A Playground joining stages for the first iteration

Besides the Playground as testbed, the final components development and deployments had yet to be accomplished. This sections describes the different stages or milestones set from the pilot perspective while they were gradually increasing their own infrastructures/deployments, and so stepping out from the Playground.

DE4A Member States Infrastructure

Status of the DE4A Member States infrastructure for the first iteration of the pilots.

DE4A Member States Infrastructure