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This toolbox is the central, long-term deliverable of the DE4A Architecture work package and takes the form of a structured, online architecture repository that extends from the content of the Architecture Framework and prior work of e-SENS. The toolbox includes (pointers to) prior work in CEF, ISA, ISA2 and prior LSPs. It includes new DE4A common components and implementation method and Pilot insights.

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DE4A includes three cross-border and cross-domain Pilots - Studying Abroad Pilot, Doing Business Abroad Pilot, and Moving Abroad Pilot -, comprising different functional use cases focused on different high-impact and viable administrative procedures, and aimed to realize tangible benefits in fully operational environments to real users (citizens, students, business persons and public servants). The Pilots are delivered by a separate, agile, multi-disciplinary, inter-member state teams of experts. The focus of these teams is on iterative system integration and configuration, hence on making existing building blocks and solutions work together in real life cases.

Reference Architecture

DE4A developed a multi-pattern architecture for eGovernment interoperability with a focus on digital-by-default procedures for citizens and businesses and the full implementation of the Once-Only Principle. It provides guidance to the DE4A pilots and to projects seeking to implement cross-border once-only enabled eProcedures.

Service Interoperability Solutions Toolbox

The Service Interoperability Solutions Toolbox is split in Semantic Interoperability Solutions, Common Components and the library of components and BBs. The first deals with semantic specifications, the second with SW components and the last with the architecture components and candidate BBs.

Semantic Interoperability Solutions

DE4A Common Components

This section provides a functional and technical description of the common components designed and developed in the DE4A project during the first iteration in order to set up the message exchange environment.

DE4A common specifications and components it2

This section provides a functional and technical description of the common components designed and developed in the DE4A project during the second iteration in order to set up the message exchange environment.

Library of components and Building Blocks

Legal and ethical compliance

As an EU funded project, it is important in DE4A that legal and ethical issues are appropriately identified and addressed. For DE4A, legal compliance includes the need to ensure that the project is executed in accordance with the requirements of European data protection law (notably the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR), and that the DE4A outputs take into consideration the EU legal framework for once-only exchanges in e-government services (notably the Single Digital Gateway Regulation - SDGR).

Complementary to the legal issues, ethical concerns need to be addressed as well. While DE4A principally aims to ensure that existing regulated e-government services can be organised digitally and in a user friendly way, there are still potential ethical challenges to be addressed, such as the right to privacy, non-discrimination, and good governance. Potential problems and mitigation measures must be identified, so that risks to European citizens can be minimised, especially in pilot activities.

A specific subwiki is dedicated to the legal and ethical analysis in DE4A. On this page, you'll be able to find more information about past and ongoing activities.