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The Studying Abroad pilot of the “Digital Europe for All” (DE4A) project aims at demonstrating in practice the benefits for different European Higher Education Area stakeholders of realizing across borders the principles of once only and digital-by-default. The pilot also validates novel technologies and concepts, such as verifiable credentials, self-sovereign identities and distributed ledgers.

By the combination of three use cases (UC#1 - Application to public higher education, UC#2 - Applying for study grant, and UC#3 - Diploma recognition) it will prove the optimal process/procedure for students of the participating three Member States (Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain) for registration to higher education and eventually applying for a student grant as well as for studies recognition.

The pilot will run in two iterations, the first from October 2021 to the end of March 2022, and the second from October 2022 to March 2023.


SA Objectives & Goals

SA Status

Use cases

Use Case "Application to Public Higher Education" (SA UC1)

Use Case "Applying for Study Grant" (SA UC2)

Use Case "Diploma/Certs/Studies/Professional Recognition" (SA UC3)


D4.1 Studying Abroad - Use case definition and requirements

D4.2 Studying Abroad - Pilot planning

D4.3 Studying Abroad - Initial running phase