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The Studying Abroad pilot’s main objective is to facilitate the mobility of European students across the European Higher Education Area, based on paperless cross-border procedures that support the once-only principle and the use of electronic identities. While the students can already use eIDAS-based identities to authenticate to most of the existing cross-border procedures, such as application to higher education, they currently have to provide evidence and fill the required electronic forms by themselves. It is envisaged that different actors (students, data providers, data consumers, Member States) will benefit from the once-only principle, the use of trusted sources of electronic evidence and the system for exchange of evidence between competent authorities.

Actor ID Goal
Public Authorities A Reduce administrative burdens through improvement of the quality of student data and data processing effort within the eProcedures by re-using data from authentic sources
B Improve the processing effort of evidence provision
Students C Satisfaction of the students and effort and time reduction
Project D Evaluate the OOP-components supporting the cross-border information flow:
  • Assess technical impact on national services already in place
  • Evaluate connections of national systems to the DE4A OOP TS
  • Evaluate deployment of DE4A OOP TS
  • Define (functional) requirements for the OOP-infrastructure, different functional service patterns and semantic interoperability as well as technical requirements for national services that must connect to the OOP-infrastructure
  • Promote the OOP within the Member States (higher education institutions and public administration)
E Evaluate use of the self-sovereign identities approach in higher education, based on innovative vendor independent blockchain framework
F Evaluate whether the once-only solutions designed to the SA specific challenges have proven adequate in piloting the SA eProcedures:
  • Usability of harmonised higher education evidence model
  • Usability and correct implementation and use of explicit request and preview
  • Record matching on natural persons in the context of direct interaction of the user with the evidence providing authority