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This is the central DE4A wiki page for the legal and ethical work in DE4A. It is intended to:

  • Provide an overview of prior legal/ethical outputs, including copies of any finalised documents
  • Link to existing templates for legal documents; this is particularly important to support piloting activities of the partners
  • Summarise the state of play on key legal and ethical issues
  • Help in the collection of legal / ethical inputs from DE4A project partners
  • Reference relevant external (non-DE4A) legal inputs

Each of the sections below will provide a short summary of the main information, and links to subpages, reports, or external sources where more information can be found.

Prior legal and ethical outputs

Within DE4A, a substantial number of formal legal and ethical outputs have already been produced. These include reports that capture the state of play of the project and of EU level once-only legislation; but also analysis of known problems and challenges, and specific documents that aim to resolve these.

The main outputs produced thus far include:

Legal templates - disclaimers and privacy policies

The legal team in DE4A has provided legal templates for disclaimers and privacy policies. The disclaimer includes caveats on the legal outcomes of the piloting applications, and thus comes in two variants: one for non-operational piloting; and one for operational piloting. The privacy policy reflects the transparency requirements of the GDPR. Both types of documents require some form of customisation, and are intended to be integrated into the micro-sites for the pilots.

Currently, the following templates are available:

Collection of feedback / inputs

Any feedback or input can be sent to the legal team leader, as the principal contact person for legal and ethical issues in DE4A.

Currently, feedback is sought for D7.4 - Legal sustainability recommendations.

External (non-DE4A) legal and ethical inputs

The principal relevant external inputs include: