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Introduction and guidance for use

Hereunder you'll find a standard legal disclaimer for pilots. It is intended to be integrated into the piloting micro-sites.

Since it requires the identification of the piloting purposes and the piloting parties, it requires some customisation. Sections between square brackets should be customised.

DE4A piloting disclaimer for [name of the pilot service, as used on the microsite]

Legal disclaimer

The services and applications provided as a part of this pilot have been set up in the context of the DE4A piloting project ( This project is funded by the European Commission. It aims to explore ways to implement and provide once-only e-government services, particularly in the context of the Single Digital Gateway. The objective is to ensure that e-government services work more efficiently, securely and smoothly.

All services are applications in this pilot are offered in a test stage only. While they aim to present a realistic user experience, they are not intended to create binding legal effects for the users or for any third party, nor can they be used to satisfy any legal or procedural requirement at this stage. If you wish to create such legal effects or to complete procedures in a legally compliant manner, please do not rely on the pilot services and applications at this stage.

By using these services and applications, you agree to participate in the DE4A pilot on a voluntary basis. Your data will be handled securely by the participants in this pilot, and will only be used to assess whether it is possible to use the pilot services and applications successfully, including by monitoring use of the services and applications for any errors, and analysing user behaviour.

The pilot projects are principally managed by the organisations identified on the DE4A project page, who will act as data controllers in relation to your data. For any questions in relation to the pilots or to your data, please contact them directly, or alternatively contact the DE4A project via [[1]].