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This page contains a description of the different software interfaces created for the DE4A project. The information provided can be used as a reference on the development and integration process to each pilot.

This page is only relevant for Iteration 1. The respective list for Iteration 2 can be found at Summary of software interfaces.

Available interfaces

DE4A Components interfaces description (Iteration 1)
Component Pattern Service Referenced API Interface type Communication Input message Output
Data Evaluator USI Forward evidence /requestForwardEvidence XML REST Synchronous RequestForwardEvidenceType ACK
Response user redirection /responseUserRedirection XML REST Synchronous ResponseUserRedirectionType HTTP Status 302/303 (Http/1 Http/2)
Data Owner IM Extract evidence IM /requestExtractEvidenceIM XML REST Synchronous RequestExtractEvidenceIMType ResponseExtractEvidenceType
USI Extract evidence USI /requestExtractEvidenceUSI XML REST Synchronous RequestExtractEvidenceUSIType ResponseErrorType
RequestUserRedirection /requestUserRedirection XML REST Synchronous RequestUserRedirectionType HTTP Status 302/303 (Http/1 Http/2)
Data Requestor (Connector) IM/USI Lookup Routing Information /lookupRountingInformation XML REST Synchronous RequestLookupRoutingInformationType ResponseLookupRoutingInformationType
IM Request transfer evidence /requestTransferEvidenceIM XML REST Synchronous RequestTransferEvidenceType ResponseTransferEvidenceType
USI Request transfer evidence USI /requestTransferEvidenceUSI XML REST Asynchronous RequestTransferEvidenceType ResponseErrorType
Data Transferor (Connector) USI Response transfer evidence USI /requestTransferEvidenceUSIDT XML REST Synchronous RequestTransferEvidenceUSIDTType ResponseErrorType