Cross-border Subscriptions

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The Cross-border Subscriptions application collaboration consists of various co-operating application components implementing multiple application services used by both Notification Process Realization (DP) and Subscription Process Realization (DP). It implements:

  • the full life cycle of subscriptions (CRUD) in a MS and offers functionality to validate and confirm subscriptions as well as error handling;
  • event handling, i.e. filtering local (national) events for relevant cross-border events and creating the notifications messages and preparing the list of subscribers for particular cross-border events that need to be dispatched;
  • notifications of events, it provides a UI (front-end) in order to inspect log files and manually dispatch events if needed. A back-end serves this front-end and connects with the event handling.

It uses interfaces to communicate with the Base Registry of companies in the MS.

Application Components of Cross-border Subscription
Application Component Description Pattern(s)
Subscription System Application component managing the entire life cycle of subscriptions, i.e. creation and maintaining subscriptions. It also offers functionality for validating subscriptions (does subject exist?, is the event supported?, is the subscription changing an existing subscription?), confirmation of a subscription and error handling.

The component makes use of an interface to access the base registry.

Cross-border Event Handler Application component handling the cross-border events. It filters all domestic events for relevant cross-border events and takes care of preparing a notification message and compiling a subscribers list to which the notification must be sent.

The component makes use of an interface to access the base registry.

Notification Back-end Application component serving the front-end and connecting with event handling. S&N
Notification Front-end Application component providing the UI for civil servants to dispatch events and consult logging information for trouble shooting. S&N