DBA D4.5 use case definition and requirements

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Deliverable D4.5 is the first publicly delivered document of the DE4A Doing Business Abroad pilot. This document introduces and describes in detail the use cases of the Doing Business Abroad pilot, which covers online procedures listed in in Annex II of the SDGR under the Life Event “Starting, running and closing a business”. It specifies the process flows and defines data requirements for data providers as well as the requirements to be addressed in collaboration with other DE4A work packages, appropriately classified in different categories and priority levels. This document will be the starting point for:

  • construction of the DE4A project start architecture (WP2 Architecture vision and framework);
  • constructing semantic models for translation of national concepts (WP3 Semantic interoperability solutions);
  • design and development of common components (WP5 Common component design & development);
  • solving legal issues (WP7 Legal compliance and consensus building);
  • logical and technical design of the pilot by the participating Member States (including their connection to the OOP-infrastructure) (WP4);
  • evaluation of the architecture, semantic models, legal arrangements and technical OOP-components in the piloting phase (WP4).

In addition, this document defines the pilot’s main objectives, goals and success criteria.

File:DE4A D4.5 Business Abroad Use Case Definition and Requirements v1.0 Final.pdf