DBA D4.6 Pilot planning

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The purpose of this document is to plan all activities for the customization & integration phase of the pilot (in detail) and the running phase (high-level). In doing so, this document aims to capture the most relevant information produced since producing deliverable D4.5 (use case definition & requirements).

This document has been constructed in close cooperation with all DBA pilot partners. In the current project phase, the pilot partners attended two-weekly stand-up meetings, monthly sprint reviews and refinements, composed DC- and DP-specific pilot design documents, created a detailed member State specific planning for the customization and integration activities, organised and joined several topic-specific meetings (e.g. on use of the Once Only Technical System (OOP TS) for piloting DBA and on the use of eIDAS), participated in multiple project-wide alignment meetings and actively participated in aligning with other initiative, like the SDG OOP preparatory actions. In doing so, the pilot partners have achieved substantial progress, not only in preparing for the pilot’s go-live, but also in contributing to the design of the SDGR technical system and revision of eIDAS. The pilot partners are confident the results as presented in this document provide a solid basis for continued collaboration within the DE4A project and beyond, for customization & integration as well as the pilot running activities.

As a result of the progress achieved in this project phase, a lot of knowledge has been developed and documents have been produced. Much of this is also included in this document. Furthermore, this document builds upon the results documented in D4.5. The processes, concepts, requirements, etc. mentioned there have not been copied into this document.

File:DE4A D4.6 DBA Pilot Planning v1.0 final.pdf