DE4A Evidence Service Locator (ESL)

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DE4A Evidence Service Locator (ESL) helps the Data Consumers (DC) to obtain the technical details of the evidence service that corresponds to a provision located with the IAL.

For such a task, ESL requires the following preconditions:

  1. DC knows the required provision after consulting the IAL.
  1. Every issuing authority registered in the ESL their services to provide canonical evidence types or subscriptions to canonical event catalogues, along with the relevant service characteristics.
  1. Each evidence service has a unique identifier.

Therefore, the DC first locates the proper provision in the IAL, and then consults the ESL for the corresponding service with the following possible consultation flow:

A.     Evidence Service Location (Main flow 1): DC asks for the service for a canonical evidence type or canonical event catalogue and issuing authority, providing their identifiers.

  • R1 (Success): metadata of service and connection details.
  • R3 (Error): there is no available service that corresponds to the given identifiers.

ESL uses the SMP service Metadata and its extension "SMP Business Cards". According to the SMP terms, "document ID" is the URI of the canonical evidence type or canonical event catalogue of the provision and "participant ID" is the URI of the issuing authority of the provision.