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There are two interfaces defined on the Data Evaluator DE1 and DE2. Both of them are used by the USI pattern.


The interface is used by the connector acting as DT to forward the evidence to the DE.

Interface definition
Endpoint /requestForwardEvidence
Method POST
Input RequestForwardEvidence RequestForwardEvidenceType as defined in schemas
Output ResponseForwardEvidence ResponseErrorType as defined in schemas


The interface is used in redirecting the user back to the DE from the DO after the evidence preview. Note this interaction is changed for iteration 2 and DE2 is only used in iteration 1.

Interface definition
Endpoint The endpoint can be freely set, it's sent to the DO in the previous RequestUserRedirection POST to the DO.
Method POST
Input ResponseUserRedirection ResponseUserRedirectionType as defined in schemas
Output HTTP 303 The location header should be the URL where to redirect the user.