Disability Canonical Evidence

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In order to represent non-academic information (e.g., for the purposes of awarding a scholarship or grant), two canonical evidence types are introduced, DisabilityCertificateType and LargeFamilyCertificateType, which correspond to the respective certificates for proving a disability and a large family, respectively.

Data model

Disability Certificate and Large Family Certificate data models

Attribute Specification

Field Data type Definition
CertificateID (both types) xsd:string ID of the certificate.
EffectiveDate (Disability) cbc:DateType Date from which the disability certificate is valid.
RevisionDate (Disability) cbc:DateType Date on which the disability certificate will be reviewed.
DisabilityPercentage (Disability) xsd:int Specifies the degree of disability of the beneficiary. Indicated as a percentage.
ValidCertificate (LargeFamily) xsd:boolean True/false depending on whether the large family certificate is valid or not.
IssuingDate (LargeFamily) cbc:DateType Date of issue of the large family certificate.
ExpiryDate (LargeFamily) cbc:DateType Expiry date of the large family certificate.
NumberOfChildren (LargeFamily) xsd:int Indicates the number of children the holder of the large family title has.

XML Schema

XSD files can be found on the GitHub repository