Evidence Interchange Management

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The Evidence Interchange Management application collaboration aggregates two high-level application components providing all functionality to manage the interchange of evidence. The back-end component supports keeping track of the requests and status of evidence(s). It also supports the erasure of evidence at DC side if the user elects to do so. The front-end component provides an evidence status overview for the user as well as the important preview functionality with which the user can preview the evidence. The DC prepares the preview and the user can preview it using some UI. Evidence Interchange Management application collaboration interfaces with Data logistics in order to exchange the evidence.

Application Components of Evidence Interchange Management
Application Component Description Pattern(s)
Evidence Interchange Front-end Application component bundling UI and logic to handle the status overview and preview and approval of requested evidences. IM, USI, VC
Evidence Interchange Back-end Application component managing the tracking of evidence requests and supporting the removal of evidences. IM, USI, VC, LKP
Evidence Interchange UI Integration Interface: The Evidence Interchange Front-end Component exposes an interface in order for other components to integrate it in their UI. IM, USI
Evidence Interchange to eProcedure Interface: The Evidence Interchange Back-end Component exposes an interface in order for the eProcedure portal to make use of it. IM, USI