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The playground is a test environment where the pilots are able to connect their components in a real-like environment. The playground has a Data Evaluator (DE) demo-ui with a connector configured as a Data Requestor (DR), a Data Owner (DO) mock with a connector configured as a Data Transferor (DT), a Service Meta Provider (SMP) connected to the project test Service Metadata Locator (SML), a (mock) Information DesK (IDK) and the package tracker. Partners are free to connect their own DR and/or DO with their own connector, connect their own SMP or request metadata to be added to the deployed SMP.


  • A server with internet connection, ports 443 (maybe 80) open.
  • AS4 certificate supplied by WP5, form (Iteration 1) or from T-Systems / Telsect (Iteration 2).

In depth information of requirements and configuration is available here

SMP metadata

The SMP publishes metadata about what services are avaliable at a DE or DO. Each post contains:

The SMP posts specify which AS4 gateway should be used for the combination of a Service Group, Document ID and Process ID.

Package Tracker

The package tracker uses Apache Kafka to receive log messages and publish them publicly at!detail

Iteration Specifics

Some services will be deployed in parallel for the different iterations. In the GitHub projects the Iteration 1 codebase will be found in the iteration1 branches. The package tracker is the same for all iterations.

Iteration 1

Iteration 2