Data Service Lookup

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Data Service Lookup

Item Description
name Data Service Lookup
description Application component for looking up the data service(s) that can be used to request an evidence.

In case of VC it returns the URL of the evidence portal.

pattern(s) IM, USI, VC, S&N, LKP
application collaboration Information Desk

Application Services realized by this component
Application Service Description Pattern
Inquire Routing Information The DC looks up where to send the request (e.g. for evidence). This service acts as an API to lookup the routing information. Depending on the chosen solution, this service can be performed in several steps: Identification of the addressed DP competent authority (i.e. a unique identifier), identification of the specific data service provided by that competent authority and lookup of the technical address of that data service. Solution components can realize instances of the Inquire Routing Information service that include all or any of these steps.

Especially the first step, identifying the right competent authority, is meant to resolve the barrier 'O9: Different systems for distribution of regulatory responsibility in MSs can complicate finding right authority' identified in D1.7.

Verifiable Credential Issuer search The service, based on the information from the information desk, performs a list of all possible issuers of evidence (VC) that may be later used by the user to satisfy procedural requirements. The list consists of the name of the institution, MS, region and a link for its related evidence portal. VC

DE4A Common Components & BBs & MS Solutions
Component Source UC Description
ESL DE4A ... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin suscipit mauris eu dui aliquet, feugiat porttitor eros placerat.
Issuing Authority Locator (IAL) IDK All IDK component that helps the DC to find out the issuing authority that can provide the required evidence within a particular country