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The Information desk application collaboration combines multiple co-operating application components. It is a logic component that offers information to help DC and DP to perform the OOP exchanges. For IM And USI, It offers information to the DC for helping the user to locate the proper competent authority to provide the required cross-border evidence and for finding the routing information to do the request. The DP consults the information desk to establish that the DC is authorized/allowed to request some evidence type. Besides, the Information Desk can helps users and civil servants to understand cross-border evidence. For VC the Information Desk serves as a supporting mechanism for the User, which can help him find the relevant VC issuer (i.e. possible DP) in case he is missing any evidence for the procedure.

The information desk functionality is achieved through the collaboration of several application components. The Data service lookup component provides an interface to the eProcedure, where the User can retrieve the list of competent authorities (i.e. DPs) within a given geographic area for the evidence he is missing. The list is obtained by reading the entries from the Service registry, which communicates with the Authorization controller to register any changes in the Competent authorities list and the Authority to evidence matrix.

The following table relates the terminology used in the reference architecture, the WP3 SDG OOTS solution and the HLA.

Reference Architecture WP3 solution SDG OOTS HLA
Evidence Type Translator DE4A: Out of scope Evidence Broker
Data Service Lookup Issuing Authority Locator (IAL)

Evidence Service Locator (ESL)

Authorization Controller Cross-border Access

Authorisation Registry (CAAR)

Attribute Definition and Label Translation Multilingual Ontology Repository (MOR) Semantic Repository
Application Components of the Information Desk
Application Component Description Pattern(s)
Data Service Lookup Application component for looking up the data service(s) that can be used to request an evidence.

In case of VC it returns the URL of the evidence portal.

Service Registry Editor Application component maintaining the service registry. IM, USI,VC, S&N, LKP
Authorization Controller Application component to establish which data service, e.g. evidence types can be requested and whether this is allowed under allowed under applicable Union or national law without user request and preview. This applies also to the subscription service. IM, USI, S&N, LKP
Authorities Editor Application component maintaining the list of competent authorities and the relationships between those authorities and evidences. IM, USI, S&N, LKP
Evidence Type Translator Application component for translating one type of evidence from its domestic form to the corresponding canonical form. Since canonical evidence types are the ground for the DE4A semantic interoperability of cross-border evidence, and semantic and syntactic aspects of domestic evidence types can vary significantly, the evidence type translator should be implemented by each evidence consumer and provider according to their specificities, IM, USI, LKP
Evidence Map Editor Application component for helping evidence consumers and providers to map their domestic evidence to the corresponding canonical evidence by semantically and syntactically describing each canonical evidence type for a common understanding. IM, USI, LKP
Information Desk to Evidence Interchange Management Interface to Data Service Lookup exposed to Evidence Interchange Management. IM, USI, VC, LKP
Information Desk to Cross-border Notifications Interface to Cross-border Notifications providing the routing information for the notifications S&N
Equivalent Evidence Interface to Evidence Type Translator for identifying equivalent evidence.

Note Won't be piloted in DE4A

Competent Authorities Interface exposing the Authorization Controller for establishing that a Competent Authority is allowed to request a certain Evidence Type. IM, USI, LKP
Attribute Definition and Label Translation Application component taking care of the translation of attribute definitions and labels. This would allow to provide canonical evidences as in agreed and accepted translations, i.e. during the preview. This service could also be integrated in public service back-office systems to support the work of public servants (beyond DE4A pilot scope).

This service, based on agreed semantic equivalence, is meant to resolve the legal barrier 'L4: Requirements for translation of data/evidences' identified in D1.7

Multi-lingual Translator Interface to the Attribute Definition and Label Translation for looking up multi-lingual translations of attribute definitions and labels. Within pilot scope, the Multilingual translation provides its functionality only to the preview. IM, USI
Translation Map Editor Application component maintaining the mapping used for translations. IM, USI