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The Evidence portal application collaboration constitutes back-end functionality implementing error handling for the DP. It interfaces with Evidence retrieval and Data logistics.

Application Components of the Evidence Portal
Application Component Description Pattern(s)
Evidence Portal Front-end This application component implements UI functionality to handle exceptions connected to evidences as well as the preview of evidences. For VC this also includes the enabler of DID connection establishment with the user. IM, USI, VC
Evidence Portal Back-end Shares the functionality that enables the secure exchange of messages, records, forms, and other kinds of data between different ICT systems.

This includes the DID connection handling and evidence related events (VC). Generation of persistent URL which will be communicated to the DC enabling the user to return to “the right place” at a later point in time (USI). Error handling connected to evidences and rendering the evidence so it can be previewed by the user.