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The User Agent includes the collaboration between the SSI edge agent front-end and back-end components on the User side in order to manage incoming DID invitations, checking VCs issued to the User (acceptance or negation) or create VPs. It also provides an interface to communicate with the cloud Authority Agent. The User can manage his received VCs inside his Digital Wallet (i.e. store them, select VCs (VPs) which are to be sent to DC, etc.) by communicating with the SSI edge agent back-end.

Application Components of the User Agent
Application Component Description Pattern(s)
SSI Edge Agent Front-end Component building UI and logic to handle DID connections and the VC/VP related events. VC
SSI Edge Agent Back-end Application component managing the DID connections and handling the VC/VP related events. VC
Agent to Agent (Edge) Interface between Agents that provides the functionalities of a DID connection, e.g.: exchange of DID documents, Verifiable Credentials and Verifiable Presentations. This is a symmetric interface to the interface to the 'Agent to Agent (Cloud)' VC