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The Authority agent is responsible for managing the connections between User and authorities (i.e. DP, DC) and activities related to Verifiable Credentials/Presentations (i.e. proof requests, validation, issuing). To do so, it includes collaboration between several application components. The Verifiable Credential Generator reads the original evidence record on the DP side to generate and digitally sign the VC. This component is used by the SSI cloud agent, which is also responsible for managing the DID connections wiith the Users' edge agents and providing interfaces for the communication between the Agent (cloud or edge) and the Evidence/eProcedure portal necessary to issue or verify VC/VP. The component also includes the EBSI Connector responsible for handling operations that require interaction with the EBSI/eSSIF services.

Process flow for using the Authority Agent on the DP side.
Process flow for using the Authority Agent on the DP side.
Application Components of the Authority Agent
Application Component Description Pattern(s)
Verifiable Credential Generator Application component managing the generation, i.e., issuance of VC by the DP as issuer to the user as the holder of the newly generated (i.e., re-issued) evidence (VC). The component also includes the processes of evidence translation into the form of a VC and the digital signing by the issuer of the evidence. VC
SSI Cloud Agent Back-end Application component managing the DID connections and handling the VC/VP related events. VC
Agent to Portal Connection This interface provides two main functions to Evidence Portals and the eProcedure portal:
  1. The creation of a DID connection requires a DID Invitation Object from the Agent to be displayed as a QR Code in the Portals (both Evidence and eProcedure)
  2. For the Evidence Portal, this interface is able to receive an Evidence Record that is then transformed into a VC by the Verifiable Credential Generator of the Authority Agent.
Agent to Agent  (Cloud) Interface between Agents that provides the functionalities of a DID connection, e.g.: exchange of DID documents, Verifiable Credentials and Verifiable Presentations VC